The winners of the 2016 Scottish Press Photography Awards were announced last night (Friday 30 September 2016) at a gathering of colleagues in Hemma, Edinburgh. All certificates and trophies will be sent to the winners of the nine categories and the Press Photographer of the Year once the trophies are engraved with the winners name. Winning images plus 2nd and 3rd placed will also be loaded up so you can see if your choices matched those of the three judges; Mark Sweeney (Picture Editor Scottish Sun), Campbell Ramage (Deputy Picture Editor Scottish Daily Mail) and Alex Hewitt ( to whom SPPAwards are very grateful for their contribution to the Awards.

Alex Hewitt: "Really enjoyed judging this year's photography for the Scottish Press Photography Awards. The fantastic selection of photography entered shows a dedicated group of individuals who are prepared to go well beyond the expected to create their work. It's a pleasure to judge their photography and be a part of press photography in Scotland."

Mark Sweeney: "This years SPPA entries displayed a truly excellent representation of the Scottish Press photographers skills and talent in Scotland today. A splendid mixture of hard news images that captured the moment, requiring great timing and skill, to shots of great creativity that demanded thought, clever planning and technical knowledge. They have managed to capture not only the moment, but the humour or emotion therin too. These, along with the special talent of being at the right spot at the right time, a quality that only some possess, are the ingredients that make Press Photographers the rare and exceptional breed they are."

Campbell Ramage: "Congratulations to everyone who took the time to submit their work at this year's awards. There were some fantastic entries which made it incredibly tough to judge. Each entrant proved to have a great eye for an image and should be proud of their efforts. I look forward to seeing what 2017 brings."

For now please see the list of winners and runners up and check the video of the their images below.

Tom Ross 1st
Michael Gillen 2nd
Alasdair MacLeod 3rd
Sports Action
Greg MacVean 1st
Angie Isac 2nd
Stuart Vance 3rd
Sports Feature
Garry McHarg 1st
Angie Isac 2nd
Duncan Simpson 3rd
Craig Brown 1st
Brian Anderson 2nd
Alasdair MacLeod 3rd
Arts and entertainment
Wullie Marr 1st
Wullie Marr 2nd
Mal McCurrach 3rd
Daily life and People
Neil Bain 1st
Christian Cooksey 2nd
David Henderson 3rd
Nature and the environment
Garry McHarg 1st
Tom Ross 2nd
Garry McHarg 3rd
Alasdair MacLeod 1st
Alasdair MacLeod 2nd
Brian Anderson 3rd
Wullie Marr 1st
Wullie Marr 2nd
Wullie Marr 3rd
Photgrapher of the Year
Wulie Marr 1st
Garry McHarg 2nd
Alasdair MacLeod 3rd