Scottish Press Photography Awards 2015

The overall winner of the CALUMET Photographer of the Year for 2015 was Garry McHarg for his range of images across all categories.

The pictures which were selected for first, second and third place in each category are shown in that order (left to right) in the sections below

News: First Alan Simpson; Second Alan Simpson; and Third Garry McHarg

Art and Entertainment: First Mal McCurrach; Second Garry McHarg; and Third Michael Gillen

Daily Life: First TOM ROSS; Second Craig BRown; and Third Michael Gillen

NATURE and the environment: First Christian Cooksey; Second Christian Cooksey; and Third Chris McCluskie

Politics: First Ger Harley; Second Mark Sutherland; and Third Mark Sutherland

Portrait: First Mal McCurrach; Second Craig Brown and third Jim Ryce

Reportage: First Wullie Marr; Second Iain McLean; and Third Brian Anderson

Sport Action: First Mark Sutherland; Second Chris McCluskie; and Third Andrew West

Sport Feature: First Garry McHarg; Second Stewart Attwood; and Third Garry McHarg