1. The Scottish Press Photographers Awards (SPPAwards) 2019 competition (nine categories) is open to all Scottish or Scottish based Photographers who have had at least one image published in the media between 1 August 2018 and 31 May 2019. The Tenth category (20-20 Vision) is open to all Scottish or Scottish based Photographers who have had at least one image published in the media between 12 May 1999 and 11 May 2019. Entries do not have to have been published.

2. Only entries uploaded and submitted via the following dedicated email address, ger@sppa.photography, will be judged. Entries submitted by e-mail to any other email address or via CD/DVD/memory stick will not be accepted. Each image must be sent in .jpg/.jpeg format with a medium to high quality.

3. The closing date for submitting entries to the 2019 competition is Saturday 15 June 2019.

4. A stable internet connection is advisable. A title to the entry must be added in the File name. A description may be added in the IPTC Description section (maximum 30 words).

5. You must include the appropriate category the image is entered for in the file name (News, Politics, Reportage etc).

6. To complete your entry you must confirm that “I agree to abide by the Rules” in the covering email and you must also provide a “Permission of Use is given by” statement from whoever the copyright holder is. These conditions are mandatory. If you fail to provide the confirmation regarding abiding by the rules and grant permission for use rules your entry will be excluded from the competition.

7. Please confirm the number of images included in your entry in the covering email. Please take care to provide all the information required.

8. Only single-frame images will be accepted. The same image can only be entered once - either as a single image or as part of a ‘Reportage’ entry. Images submitted more than once will not be accepted and will be disqualified from each category it appears in. The judges are granted the right to move an entry, or part of in the case of Reportage, to win a prize in another category. Any image, or part thereof, may only win once.

9. The photographer/copyright holder grants the SPPAwards permission to use any image in all media, including online, for the purpose of publicity, promotion and exhibitions in conjunction with the awards and future publications (books, etc) and all promotional activities for the SPPAwards, without any remuneration being due. The SPPAwards are not looking to profit from the awards but to cover costs only.

10. Photographers can enter as many images as they like in any or all categories apart from the 20 Years of Scottish Political Life category where a maximum of 20 images per photographer has been set. An entry in the Reportage category is considered as a single entry. The single .jpg or .jpeg file should measure 24 inches on one side x 20 inches on the other. The resolution must be a minimum of 200 DPI and maximum of 300 DPI and be presented on a black or white canvas background. This is the only category where a black canvas may be used. Any image which forms part of a reportage category entry cannot be entered in any other category. It is important to note that if you have an entry in ‘Reportage’ the images that make up each ‘Reportage entry’ must be uploaded as single images in addition to the Reportage entry itself. So if you enter three entries in ‘Reportage’ with 10 pictures in each you must upload the three Reportage entries and the 30 that make up the entry. This will enable the judges (if they so decide) to extract a single image from the entry to award it a prize in another category. Single images within a Reportage entry will not be judged - rather the entry as a single unit.

11. An image may be moved from the entered category to win in another category. In the case of Reportage any single image, from the set, may be moved to win in another category. No image may win or be part of a winning image twice

12. An uploaded entry can be replaced at any time before the deadline date.

13. All entries must have been taken between 1 August 2018 and 2 June 2019.

14. In the case of News, People & Daily Life, Sports Action Sports Feature, Portrait, Nature and the Environment, Politics, Arts and Entertainment, and 20 Years of Scottish Politics categories all entries must measure 16 inches on its longest side, the resolution must be a minimum of 200 DPI and a maximum of 300 DPI

15. Images with added borders, backgrounds or other effects will not be accepted. Images must not show the name of a photographer, agency, or publication. Any image with a border or that is longer than 16 inches on its largest size will result in the entire entry being excluded from the competition

16. To qualify for the SPPAwards Photographer of the Year Award, a minimum of eight separate entries must be submitted embracing any one or all nine categories. A Reportage entry, while consisting of a number of images, counts as one single entry for this category.

17. It is not obligatory that photographs entered in the competition have been published.

18. All entries must carry a caption / title which should be written in the appropriate section of the IPTC at the time of entry. Metadata already embedded in the image will be automatically captured and can be amended. The caption / title of each entry should be a maximum of eight words. The name of the photographer / copyright owner must be removed from all images.

19. The description should be as short as possible and be must be no longer than 30 words for each category apart from Reportage where the description can be a maximum of 100 words.

20. Entries may be in black and white or colour.

21. Entrants must declare the consent of the copyright holder by adding the name of the authorising person, be that yourself or your employer, in the copyright holder (Publication / Agency) statement and 'Permission of use' statement. This information should be provided in the covering email

22. All images submitted by the entrant must have been created solely by that entrant.

23. The SPPAwards, or its agents, will not be responsible for files lost or damaged during the emailing process.

24. A number of photographers may be asked to submit the original files as recorded in their camera. These files will be made available to the judges for inspection during the judging process. The photographers, who will be selected at random, will be invited by email no later than 2pm (14:00) on Wednesday 19 June 2019 and will be expected to submit the original files by return or no later than 5pm (17:00) on Saturdey 22 June 2019. Failure to do so will lead to elimination and their entries will not be eligible for judging.

25. Only minimum use of Photoshop or any other image editing software is allowed – materially altering a picture will lead to disqualification and also exclusion from future SPPAwards competitions. No additions or deletions to the subject matter of the original image, thus changing the original content and journalistic integrity of an image, is permitted. No excessive lightening, darkening or blurring of the image, thus misleading the viewer by disguising certain elements of an image, is permitted. No excessive colour manipulation or tonal change, thus dramatically changing the original lighting conditions of an image, is permitted. Not Permitted: Use of the cloning & healing tool (except for sensor dust removal), airbrush, brush, paint, selective area sharpening, blurring, eraser tool, quick mask, moving, removing, cloning.

26. If any image be deemed to be in breach of rule 26, the entire entry of the photographer shall be removed from the competition. The SPPAwards reserve the right to impose further sanctions on the member concerned, up to and including, forfeiting the right to enter future competitions. Any breach of rule 26 will result in the member being required to return any awards received. Note - failure to comply with specified measurements and picture specifications of images will also lead to automatic disqualification

27. Entry is free, irrespective of the number of entries.

28. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into following the announcement of results. Judges names will be announced following the deadline for submission.