You can lead a ram to the ewes but…..

You can lead a ram to the ewes but…..


Aim of the SPPAwards
Good photographers can encapsulate a whole story in a single image. Pictures paint a thousand words and are more often remembered than the accompanying words.  We feel that press photographers should be recognised for the work they deliver on a consistent basis. Photographers often go to great lengths and a degree of personal danger to get the shots that grab the attention and stop the page from turning. Those at the sharp end of press photography feel that it is right to highlight and applaud the work of their peers.

Benefits for photographers
Everybody thinks they are a photographer these days, whether they shoot a family wedding or publish selfies on the net. However, the results are often exposed when compared to images that are published on a daily basis in newspapers, magazines and the net when taken by a professional. Professional photographers have invested time and money in the drive to get the best quality image on a day to day basis.

Some iPhone graduates can get lucky and capture a great image. However, professionals are out there every day making sure they are lucky more often than not. The Awards highlight the range of skills employed by professional photographers.

Benefits for sponsors
Being associated with a quality product that is available in hard copy and multi-media, at no significant expense for the end user, will place sponsors in the subconscious of everybody who has an interest in news, fashion, PR, sport, politics, celebrity, nature, travel, etc.

The awards winning images are sent to national and local press along with magazine and internet exposure with your company name associated with the Awards.

This site can accommodate links to your website; social media associated with the Awards; and of course any SPPAwards exhibitions that may tour Scotland.