The Scottish Press Photography Awards (SPPAwards) returned to the limelight in September 2015 after being in abeyance since 2008.

Changes to Scottish Press Photography Awards for 2019

The timetable this year has been reduced to allow the exhibition to take place when all the rest of Edinburgh is in Festival mode with the SPPAwards being on show in the Scottish Parliament between 31 July – 24 August 2019. Eligible images will have to have been taken between 1 August 2018 and 31 May 2019 to meet the timetable for exhibition set up.  The Scottish Parliament have kindly agree to meet the cost of printing and mounting 30 images (1st, 2nd and 3rd in each of the nine categories and another three from the Scottish Press Photographer of 2019) to be exhibited, in Conference Room3, in the Parliament at the same time as World Press Photo Contest images.

Tenth Category
One significant change from the SPPAwards for 2019 is that there will be a new category, 20-20 Vision, with a wider time window for eligible images having been taken.  With the Parliament celebrating 20 years of existence there will be a Scottish Political life category over the Parliament’s lifespan.  A total of twenty images from entries for this category will be displayed with the images having to have been taken between 12 May 1999 and 11 May 2019.  

This new category will enable many databases to be scoured by current and retired photographers for entries which record the many facets of Scottish political life over 20 years.  To ensure a degree of balance of images chosen in this category, the Presiding Officer Ken McIntosh will join the judges to select 20 images for the exhibition and the overall category winner.

The Parliament’s corporate body are happy to provide space for a reception for the SPPAwards but sadly not able to contribute to any drinks which will be made available.  I will be looking for sponsors to help cover costs (not looking to make a profit) of awards etc. 

Previous Winners

See below the list of previous winners of Press Photographers of the Year which will be completed once information is confirmed.

2018: (1) Duncan McGlynn (Freelance)
2017: (2)  Angie Isac (Freelance)
2016:       Wullie Marr (Deadline News) 
2015:      Garry F McHarg (Daily Record)
2008:      Dave Cheskin (Press Association)
2007:      Ian Rutherford (The Scotsman)
2006:      Dave Cheskin (Press Association)
2005:      Dave Cheskin (Press Association)
2001:       Christian Cooksey (Evening Times)
1998:      Ian Rutherford (The Scotsman)
1997: (3)  Ian Rutherford (The Scotsman)
1996: (4)  Robert Perry (Scotland on Sunday)
1994:      Ian Rutherford (The Scotsman)
1991: (5)  Ian Torrance (Daily Record)
1990: (5) Angela Catlin (Glasgow Herald) and Henry McInnes (Sunday Mail)
1987:     James Galloway (The Glasgow Herald)
1983: (6)  Alan MacDonald (The Scotsman)
1982: (6)  Richard Parker (Daily Record)
1981:  (6)  Andrew Hosie (Daily Record)
1980: (6)  William (Willie) Thornton (Daily Record)
1979: (5)  Arthur Kinloch (The Glasgow Herald)

Sponsored by:
(1) Edinburgh Elite media and SportPix
(2)  The Sunday Post
(3)  BT
(4)  Scottish Mutual Assurance Society
(5) Bells's Whisky
(6) BAA Scottish Airports